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PN Cadet



16 ½ - 21.0 years


17.0 - 23.0 years



5' 4" (162.5 cm)





Marital Status

Unmarried (this condition will not apply in the case of service candidates)


This is the main scheme for enrollment of officers in Pakistan Navy. Under this scheme candidates are inducted twice a year as PN Cadet. This type of commission is offered in the following branches after the successful completion of 2 years initial training.

- Operations
- Weapon Engineering
- Marine Engineering
- Supply

- Marital Status: Unmarried Male Citizens of Pakistan
- Age Civilian Candidates: 16.1/2 - 21 years
- Service Candidates: 17 -23 years (Personnel serving in Army/Navy/Air Force in uniform
- Height: 5'4"
(On the first day of month in which a candidate joins the training establishment or a specific date promulgated by NHQ)
Candidates must have qualified HSSC/A-Level with atleast 60% marks with any of the following subjects:
- Physics, Maths and Chemistry
- Physics, Maths and Computer Science
- Physics, Maths and Statistics
- Candidates of A-Level are required to submit equivalence certificate
- F.Sc Part-II appearing candidates with at least 60% marks in Part-I are eligible. However, they have to provide a hope certificate


1.         A candidate is ineligible if he is:-
a.         PUF by AMB (permanently declared UNFIT by Appeal Medical Board).
b.         Declared medically unfit due to Hepatitis B & C (AMB cannot be requested).
c.         Declared unfit by any Armed Forces Hospital except those cleared by Appeal Medical Board.
d.         Tested within four months (120 days) gap of previous appearance (For Not Recommended candidates).
e.         Tested within one year validity period. (As validity of ISSB/GHQ/AHQ/NHQ Selection Board stands for one year).
f.          Twice rejected by ISSB/GHQ/NHQ/AHQ Selection Board or once rejected by ISSB and once rejected by GHQ/NHQ/AHQ Selection Board.
g.         Withdrawn from any Academy/Training Institution of Armed Forces on any ground.
h.         Withdrawn from any bonded Armed Forces college/institution on disciplinary grounds.
j.          Dismissed/removed/debarred from Government Services including Armed forces.
k.         Convicted by a Court of Law for an offence involving moral turpitude.
l.          Submitting tampered original academic certificate.